Ministry of Hair Academy - Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy 

Ministry of Hair Academy is committed to providing a high standard of training. We strive to ensure all learners receive the best possible training experience.

We are committed to deal with complaints and feedback promptly and professionally.


Definition of Complaints

We aim to give you an excellent experience when dealing with Ministry of Hair Academy, so we welcome your comments, suggestions, compliments and feedback about the service you have experienced when contacting us or when using any of our services. 

 A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction from you about our services or

The complaints handling process itself, where it’s clear that you expect us to identify the

Cause of the problem and to take some kind of remedial action. 

 Making a complaint is as easy as possible;

  • we treat a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls
  • for an immediate response;
  • we deal with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially;
  • we respond in the right way, for example by giving you an explanation or an apology
  • where we have got things wrong, and respond in the most appropriate way;

It is not possible to provide a definitive list of examples of complaints, but the following are examples of situations that would constitute a complaint:

  • unhappy with our services or course content
  • incorrect invoicing
  • certificate spelling errors
  • lack of response to query


The following areas are not a complaint investigated under this policy as other policies exist for them and must be referred to.

  • Enquiries and Appeals Procedure
  • Malpractice and Maladministration



If the complaint is regarding our Apprenticeship Programme then they will be dealt with by the Director of Apprenticeships, who has overall responsibility for any complaint. If the complaint includes the Director of Apprenticeships then the complaint will be directed to the Director of Teaching and Learning or another nominated person if there is a conflict of interest


How to make a complaint

Complaints can be made directly to our website

Or by calling Justine Carr Director of Apprenticeships Tel: 07880 715380 or email or Katie Watmore Tel: 07946 239516 email  Academy staff can be contacted on 01268 527777.


Informal complaint

Most complaints can be raised informally. This can be by telephone, email or conversation to a Ministry of Hair Academy staff member. These types of complaints can normally be resolved quickly and easily. All complaints are still passed to the Director of Apprenticeships for information purposes. All complaints are treated as confidential. We will try to have a resolution for within two days by the latest but this is not always possible.


Formal Complaint  

If a complaint cannot be dealt with on an informal basis or the complaint does not get resolved satisfactorily then it will be referred as a formal complaint and will go to stage 2 of the complaints process.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within one working day. We aim to have a resolution within one week of receiving the complaint but this may not always be possible especially if it involves outside agencies. In those circumstances will keep you up to date and will assign a designated person to deal with your feedback or complaint.

For complaints of a more serious nature and or involve abuse or other issues this may involve the Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer.

We will not investigate any accusation or complaint that is malicious in nature or received anonymously.



Once we have completed an investigation of complaint we will explain what went wrong and remedy the situation as soon as possible. 

The Director of Apprenticeships will evaluate all of the information and ensure the appropriate action has been taken.

This policy is reviewed annually by Justine Carr Director of Apprenticeships

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